A Thank You to our Commercial Sponsors

Queen’s Park’s Head of Commercial Kieran Koszary took time off for preparing for Season 2024/ 25 to thank the Commercial Sponsors of the club for their generous backing over the past 12 months.

Kieran said: “It is only right to publicly acknowledge the tremendous support Queen’s Park has received from their Commercial Sponsors over the past year. The sponsorship relationships we enter into come in many different forms, but I would like to think that on and off the park we have provided good value.

“I have known some of our sponsors for a good number of seasons now and it has been great to build on the relationships long-established. We have also taken a great deal of satisfaction with the new relationships we have formed after returning to the south-side of Glasgow.

“We recently held a one-off event with the sponsors of individual players kit and know that many of them are returning for next season and we look forward to a similar success with our commercial backers.

Kieran added: “If you are considering becoming a commercial partner with Queen’s Park we would welcome the opportunity to show the wide range of options available beginning at entry level.

“We are strong supporters of Corporate and Social Responsibility and enjoy building relationships with the partners of partners.”

The Commercial Department at Queen’s Park can be contacted on 0141 632-1275 or by emailing kieran@queensparkfc.co.uk .

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