Another Glowing Report on our Tickets for Schools Initiative

Pupils from Holy Cross Primary School and their parents were the latest school to take part in our 'Tickets for Schools' initiative, attending our game against Clyde on Saturday.

As with previous games, the pupils certainly added colour and energy to the occasion and their vocal support certainly helped the team on the park.

The feedback from the school and the school demonstrated it was a successful day for all concerned.

Caroline Docherty, Principal Teacher at Holy Cross, wrote to us thanking us for the day out and included some comments about the day from the pupils.

Caroline commented: “The children all thoroughly enjoyed their day on Saturday. The happiness and excitement on their little faces is still evident. They have enjoyed sharing their experiences with their classes this morning. I have attached some comments from the children. 

“Thank you again for providing such a valuable opportunity and experience for the children in our school”.

Below are some comments from the pupils:

“I enjoyed a day out with my family and friends and holding up the poster that Dumou created to support Queen’s Park” – Kloe (P7a)

“I enjoyed cheering when Queen’s Park scored and so did my mum” – Samir (P7b)

“I enjoyed the whole experience from meeting players at school to going to the match and seeing them play.” – Norah (P7b)

“I liked making the flag to support Queen’s Park and seeing it being recognised by players. I really enjoyed getting something nice to eat.” – Dumou (P6a)

“Thank you for the players top and armband. It was super exciting and made me feel special.” – Anas (P6a)

“It was fun and we enjoyed seeing players score in real life. We enjoyed having a day out.” – Alistair/ Stasiu  (P4/3)

“I enjoyed waving my scarf to support Queen’s Park. I loved getting some hot food.”- CJ (P3A)

“I loved getting a ‘high 5’ from players.”- Rhys/ Kaylum ( P3a)

“I enjoyed everything and I had a huge smile all day. I felt really happy!” – Ayub (P2/1)

“I enjoyed it because it was my first ever match. I loved making lots of noise.” – Paula (P2/1)

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