Can you help A Spiders fan Attend Friday’s game?

Are you a Member or Season Ticket and if so, can you help a Queen’s Park Fan get to the Dundee game?

With the cinch Championship title at stake Friday’s game with Dundee is the biggest game of this season for Queen’s Park and there is huge interest in attending.

There will be no public sale of tickets and tickets for Queen’s Park supporters are only available to Members or Season Ticket Holders however we do recognise that there are other fans of the club who have attended games regularly this season and wish to be at Ochilview.

We have therefore created a database of these Queen’s Park fans ranked in order of games attended and aim to offer those with the highest ranking any tickets that become available due to a Member or Season Ticket holder not being able to come along.

Accordingly, we would respectfully ask any Member or Season Ticket Holder who are not going to attend to let our office know as soon as possible in order that their Ochilview seat can be reallocated to a fan, who is not a Member or Season Ticket holder, but has regularly attended games this season.

Members or Season Ticket Holders can do this by emailing or calling the Office on 0141 632 1275 by 4.00pm on Wednesday, May 3.

We will then contact supporters on our database to offer them a ticket.

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