Kieran talks to Mount Florida Primary pupils about the role of commercial director

Head of Commercial, Kieran Koszary met with pupils of Mount Florida Primary School to talk about the role of a commercial director at a professional football club as part of the school's Metaskills/Developing the Young Workforce programme.

An aspect of the curriculum of Mount Florida Primary School is preparing for the ‘World of Work‘ by introducing pupils to a range of jobs they might not have thought about and talking to people who currently are doing these jobs.

The term ‘meta-skills‘ is used to describe the skills pupils will have to develop to cope with the fast changing nature of the job market they could enter when they leave school. Jobs that even do not exist at present.

The school usually invite a number of people to come in to meet classes and discuss what they do, but under current COVID regulations these meetings now take place online.

And as Mount Florida Primary School has already been part of our ‘Tickets for Schools‘ initiative and physically the closest school to Lesser Hampden, they invited Kieran to talk about his role at the club.

During the ‘Teams‘ meeting Kieran was asked questions like: 

  • How did you get your job, what had you done previously
  • Did you go to university /college – what did you study
  • What are the challenges/hardest bits about your job
  • Do you enjoy your job
The pupils talk to Kieran online

After the meeting the Mount Florida staff fed back some comments made by the pupils about the event:

  • “He gave us lots of detail and specific information about his job”
  • “I liked how his job related to football but he wasn’t a footballer”
  • “I enjoyed learning about a job I had never heard of”
  • “Kieran was very good at talking about his job and answering the questions”

The school finished by saying the pupils really enjoyed the engagement with Kieran and they looked forward to developing the community link with the club.

Look out for further engagement with the local community in the months ahead.

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