Donor Wall


The club thanks the initial donors to our fundraising initiatives. These donations have helped us to equip our new pavilion and further contributions will help our Club maintain youth and community programmes; celebrate, in 2017, the 150th anniversary of the formation of Scotland’s oldest and most unique senior Club and plan for 2020 and beyond.

Further support for these fundraising Initiatives, THE DONOR WALL and THE PHOTO GALLERY, are being encouraged from members, players, coaches, former players, staff, committee members, sponsors and supporters of the club.

The black and white boards displayed on the wall in the member’s bar of the J B McAlpine Pavilion, shows the names of those who have already made a minimum £100 donation to Queen’s Park FC.

We presently have space for more names on the existing boards and capability for more black and white boards to be added. We hope to have the donor wall covered with black and white boards, all filled with the names of donors.

Show your support for the club by making the minimum £100 donation.

Please contact Rachael or Christine at the Queen’s Park Office, 0141 632 1275, with the name(S) you wish to see displayed. Your £100 donation can be made by card payment to the above number, cash or cheque playable to Queen’s Park FC.

By December 2015 donations had been received by Queen’s Park to enable 25 player and 9 team photos to be mounted on boards that will be displayed in the Gallery in the upstairs corridor at the J B McAlpine Pavilion for 10 years.. The boards now on display can be viewed further down this page.

For individual or group donations of £500 (player) or £1,000 (team), you can have your favourite Queen’s Park player or team, from our first 150 years, mounted for 10 years in the new gallery area in the upstairs corridor of the J B McAlpine Pavilion.

A number of members of Queen’s Park Supporters Association made a group donation of 5 x £100 to have a photo of Tony Quinn on display. All those who contribute to such group donations will have their own names displayed on the donor wall.

In 2016 the Photo Gallery received a welcome boost.. The HERITAGE LOTTERY FUND approved a grant to resource the production of 12 teams and 12 individual player boards for a new ‘GREAT WAR’ section of the Gallery in the upstairs corridor at the McAlpine. The photos in this new section of the Photo Gallery can be viewed in  the ‘CLUB/GREAT WAR ‘ page of the QP website.

During 2017, 2 new team boards (the 1st x1’s of 1883/84 and 1959/60) are on display; and 5 individual players added. (Walter Arnott, Robert Christie and George Gillespie from the club’s glory days of the 1880’s; and Robert Grant and Willie Walker from the 1930’s team that competed well in the top tier of Scottish football). A promotional display in the downstairs corridor at the McAlpine Pavilion will include not only GEORGE GILLESPIE ( a Scottish Internationalist and QP goalkeeper in both F A Cup Finals in 1884 and 1885) but also JACK HARKNESS, BOBBY BROWN, RONNIE SIMPSON and BOBBY CLARK. These  were goalkeepers who made their senior debuts with Queen’s Park – and all went on to play for Scotland. Donations are sought to have more of these great goalkeepers on display in the 10 year photo gallery in the upstairs corridor at the McAlpine Pavilion. These promotional boards can be viewed below; and you can help Queen’s Park by making a donation.

Information sheets are available in our offices at the McAlpine Pavilion explaining how you can take part in a group donation of an individual or team photo, in the next phase of the gallery.

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us by email [], or telephone 0141-632-1275.



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