Foundation’s Football Memories Programme Making Positive Impact

The power of football to bring people together is at the heart of a community programme run by The Queen’s Park FC Foundation.

The Football Memories programme takes place at the David Cargill centre every Friday from 11-12, where the aim is to reminisce and create new memories through the power of football. Over the last 9 months, the programme has had a positive impact on the local community, resulting in new relationships being formed and improving sociability amongst participants.

“For many of the attendees, some were often shy and quiet to begin, but overtime, the programme has created an environment where everyone is keen to participate and interact with others,” said Gregor Stewart, programme leader. Attendees have found common ground over football-related activities such as group quizzes and debates. Discussions have often led to conversations about other topics such as music, movies, and nightlife. Football then becomes a foundation in which attendees can share new interests and passions over whilst having a good time in the process.

The Foundation is keen to make a lasting positive impact in the local community, and the football memories programme is a key part of that. “Football is a powerful tool that can bring many people together, especially in Scotland so this is absolutely an exciting time for the Foundation,” said Gregor. The programme has been running for 9 months and is already achieving its aims of developing stronger bonds and friendships amongst attendees.

The football memories programme is open to all, but primarily works with the older generation. The aim is to combat isolation, which is a struggle that many elderly people confront as they reach the autumn years of their lives. “Isolation is a challenge that many face on a daily basis, especially for those in their elderly years. We’re delighted that our programme has helped those in the community, reliving happy memories and making new ones in the process”.

The Glasgow Golden Generation and The Queen’s Park FC Foundation is committed to giving back to the local community, and the football memories programme is just one example of that commitment. As the programme continues, the Foundation hopes to encourage more people to attend the sessions and create even more positive outcomes for the community.

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