Get the Rockstar Treatment when The Black and White Lounge Turns Pink

Queen’s Park are Happy to give more than 90 days’ notice that their Black and White Lounge, which sits just a set-list away from Hampden, will be turning Pink to allow concert goers to Get the Party Started on June 28 and June 29.

American singer Pink is playing two dates at The National Stadium as part of her Summer Carnival World Tour and on both days Queen’s Park are offering a Feel-Good Time Hospitality package at the perfect pre-concert venue at The city Stadium.

So What you may say however we would rather say How come you are not here when the doors open to The Black and White (Pink) Lounge at 4.00pm with a complimentary glass of Pink Champagne available to Try.

After being asked to Raise your glass a two-course meal will be served with an opportunity to purchase Whatever You Want from the bar. A DJ will be on hand to turn the Lounge into a Funhouse as they will be running competitions to ensure that there are hands, and not just Glitter in the Air with an opportunity to not put One Foot Wrong.

After all this Hospitality, It is not a Long way to Happy times as Hampden is just 200 yards away!

Who knew but the ticket prices are set at £70 (including VAT) and are available by emailing, or calling the club on 0141 632 1275 or popping in during Office Hours to The JB McAlpine Pavilion.

Just give me a reason why you would not come along!

There you go!

Package Does Not Include Concert Ticket

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