Information for Supporters Travelling to Montrose

Following on from addresses the First Minister has made this week, Queen’s Park FC encourage all supporters to play their part in minimising the spread of covid infections.

For those intending to travel to Montrose this afternoon the club would like to highlight the following:

Before setting off – please take a lateral flow test and record the result. Only travel if you are negative and are displaying no symptoms. If you test positive, do not travel, book an NHS PCR test as soon as possible.

Travelling by car – ensure there are no more than three households represented in the car. Wear a face covering during the journey and make sure the car is well ventilated – opening the window slightly for 10 minutes will flush the car’s air sufficiently.

Travelling by bus or train – ensure you use any vacant seats on the bus/train to socially distance where at all possible. Wear a face covering for the duration of the journey.

In the stadium – follow good hand hygiene and be aware of touch points such as concession stands, toilets etc. Make use of the various hand sanitizer points which are located around the stadium. Montrose FC encourage the use of face coverings while in the stadium, particularly at busy areas or while queuing. If you feel unwell contact a steward who will get first aid personnel to attend and advise.

Sunday morning – following your visit to Links Park, please take a lateral flow test and record the result.


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