Louis Longridge to return to Eaglesham Primary

Queen’s Park centurion Louis Longridge returned to East Renfrewshire this week to complete the third stage in the Eaglesham Primary School’s ‘Tickets for Schools’ programme.

Louis visited the school last month for the first stage which saw him hand out Match Tickets for the game with Ayr United, as well as Queen’s Park’s T-shirts and scarves, with the club’s Mr Versatile also taking part in a Question-and-Answer session with the pupils.

The second stage saw pupils and teachers jump on a coach, supplied by the club, to take them to Hampden to cheer Louis and his team-mates on with the coach also taking them back home.

Louis said: “I saw and heard the pupils from Eaglesham during the game which was nice. We know we did not get the best result in the Ayr game and there were some really interesting questions about that match when I went back.

“It is terrific that the club is running the ‘Tickets for Schools’ programme and hopefully we will see some of the pupils again at our home games.”

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