Queen’s Park Helps Local Schoolchildren Celebrate Black History Month

Queen’s Park footballers were delighted to help local schoolchildren in Glasgow celebrate Black History Month.

Three of the championship club’s players – David Boateng, Malachi Boateng and Stephen Eze – were happy to respond to a request from the school to chat to pupils at Mount Florida Primary about their experiences growing up and as footballers.

Kieran Koszary, Head of Commercial at the club, said: “We were very pleased to respond to the request from our local school, rooted in our local community as we are. The players were also delighted to go along to the school over a couple of days to chat with the kids and to share experiences. The Club has a long history of pioneering in Scottish football and one of our club legends, of course, Andrew Watson, was the first black footballer to become an internationalist when he captained Scotland in the 1880s.”

Caroline Gibson, Head Teacher at Mount Florida Primary School said: “We were delighted to receive support from Queen’s Park FC during Black History Month.

Many thanks to Frank McCrossan, a Club Member, for responding to our request for information about Andrew Watson. He compiled an in-depth biography for us that the teachers were delighted to receive, and they were able to use it as an excellent piece of literacy learning about Black History Month with a local context.

For the children to be able to talk to some of the players and hear about their real life experiences growing up and as footballers we are very grateful to Kieran for organising for Stephen, David and Malachi to come over and talk to all of the children and answer their questions. The children, and staff, found this really interesting and inspiring and we are very grateful to the players for taking the time to come over.

Thanks so much to Kieran for organising, and to Frank, Stephen, David and Malachi for providing rich learning experiences for the children.”

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