Queen’s Park Partner with Icescape Recovery

Scotland’s oldest football club, Queen’s Park, is entering the world of the latest cold-water therapies after venturing into a partnership with Icescape Recovery.

The club has received three potable pods from Icescape Recovery which have been designed to boost physical recovery, strengthen the immune system, and promote mental clarity with Marc Catchpole, founder of IceScape Recovery saying: “We are delighted to kick-off our partnership with Queen’s Park. The link between us is Dom Thomas, who I have known for years, and when he mentioned that there was the possibility of a tie-up, we wanted to get it done.

“We believe that our ice baths offer the benefits of cold-water therapy that can help players both physically and mentally. Physically they enhance muscle recovery, reduce pain and inflammation as well as improved circulation with the mental health benefits being clarity, increased focus as well as reduced stress and anxiety.”

A player will usually spend one minute in a pod with five minutes seen as a maximum with Marc saying: “Trust me, when the ice is in one it is cold.”

Marc added: “There are 150 of our pods in use at the moment and our desire is to get that up to 1,000 in the near future. In the football world we are working with the Scottish National Team, York City and Millwall but we want to move into other sports as well.

“The people in our company are great believers in wellness both physically and mentally. Every month we donate 10% of our profits to Back Onside who do a lot of great work with the mental health of sportspeople.”

Sam Harrison Head of Sport Science at Queen’s Park added: “We are excited to partner with IceScape, as cold-water immersion has many recovery benefits and is growing in popularity at the moment. It is important after matches to get our players back to baseline with their recovery and IceScape will help us do that.

“The added benefit of the portability of the pods is great so can we move them from training ground to stadiums and ensure that we can use them on the road.”

Club captain Dom Thomas is already feeling the benefits as he explained: “I started using the ice pods after matches recently and it helps my recovery. I feel less sore and a bit fresher the next day which helps me train harder throughout the week.”

Partner Information:

IceScape Recovery, your trusted source for high-quality ice baths designed to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Cold water therapy has been used for centuries to boost recovery, strengthen the immune system, and promote mental clarity. Our mission is to make this transformative experience accessible to you through our expertly crafted ice baths.


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