Queen’s Park v Dundee – Tickets have now all been sold

Our thanks go to everyone who has contacted the club regarding tickets for Friday night’s game. The demand has been phenomenal and we would like to take this opportunity to confirm that all tickets for the game have now been sold.

Over the past week our Members and Season Ticket Holders secured the vast majority of tickets that were available, including those in ‘The Bring a Friend’ scheme that expired last Friday, as well as taking up all of the spaces in Hospitality.

The small number of tickets that remained were offered to Queen’s Park fans, who were not either a Member of the Club or a Season Ticket Holder, but who had an on-line record of regularly purchasing tickets from the club over this season.

The club proactively contacted these fans in an order that has been determined by the number of games they have purchased tickets for during the season. This exercise has now been finalised and there are no tickets left.

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