Spiders Abroad – Gold Coast

Spiders supporters are not all located in Scotland. We have fans in all corners the world. In this second post, we talk to Ewan Ramsay, a Spiders fan since the age of six, now living on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Ewan Ramsay has been a Queen’s Park fan since the age of six. He remembers how his love affair with the club began:

I was playing football in Netherlee Primary School’s playground and seeing other boys wearing Rangers and Celtic tops and thought I want to be a bit different, I don’t want to follow the crowd“.

Ewan was encouraged by his grandfather, who was from Dennistoun and had a connection to the club, to start supporting the Spiders. He even bought Ewan his first football strip – a Queen’s Park top.

Ewan wearing his first football top

Growing up, Ewan was taken to Hampden Park on many occasions. He remembers sitting in the old South Stand cheering the team on.

Ewan’s family moved to Edinburgh when he was eleven. Now at secondary school, he started playing rugby, but he never forgot his fondness for Queen’s Park and when the Spiders visited the capital to play Meadowbank Thistle, he was there cheering them on.

After leaving university, Ewan joined the Ford Motor Company and moved to London. He continued to play rugby along with golf, basketball and squash. In those pre-internet days, he relied on the BBC ‘Teleprinter’ to keep up with the Queen’s scores.

Ewan is a big rugby union fan, as well as a 12 handicap golfer. He was introduced to golf by his grandfather in Carnoustie. Ewan’s grandfather won the Silver Tassie, one of the top competitions for amateur golfers, in 1926. Ewan still has his grandfather’s old hickory clubs.

As his career progressed, Ewan’s job took him to many countries including Ireland, UAE, Australia and USA.

Ewan returned to the UK, to Northamptonshire, before he retired. As he and his family had Australia citizenship and really liking the Gold Coast of Australia after working there in the 90’s and taking a few recent holidays on the Gold Coast, Ewan and his wife decided to move permanently to Australia.

He finally got his move to the Gold Coast two months ago after a delay of two years due to COVID.

Ewan and his wife Debs in Sydney

The website is the main source of information for Ewan. “The website is great. It’s up to date, has a great range of topics and I enjoy Keith McAllister’s regular contributions to match programmes“.

Ewan’s wife is a regular customer on the Supporters’ Online Shop, buying kit and mementos. He has a drawer full of Queen’s Park memorabilia including our latest IRN-BRU away strip.

Ewan watches about 80% of the games on QPTV’s livestream. He only returned to Australia about two months ago. So, before in England, he would tell people he was busy between 3-5pm on a Saturday and ask not to be disturbed

Now in Australia, Ewan watches the games on his iPad. He doesn’t put a strip on for the game, but certainly gets involved in cheering the team on. His wife would often wonder what was going on in the living room, hearing all the screams, but is used to them now.

Before he had to rely on the BBC website or texts so being able to see the games live has been brilliant. “To go from having to wait for either a text or the results being displayed on the BBC website, to sitting down and watching the game live is simply unbelievable. I feel much more part of the club now and look forward to the games“.

Ewan has watched both our Livestream and opposition’s streaming and considers ours one of the best: “The camera work is outstanding with QPTV” and he loves the commentary: “It’s so informative and funny, especially Keith’s anecdotes throughout the game“.

Ewan’s wife has spoken to Keith a number of times on the phone when she was organising buying some items for Ewan’s Christmas. From Santa, this year, Ewan got a 1950 programme against Cowdenbeath and one of the old badges that were worn in the 1940s to add to his growing Queen’s Park memorabilia collection.

Ewan thinks the last time he saw Queen’s live was about 20 years ago.

Ewan during a tour of Hampden Park a couple of years ago

Ewan told a story of meeting Graham Connell in Sydney during the Olympics in 2000. Graham had come over to support his cousin, who was part of the British Judo team competing in the Olympics. Ewan took Graham to his rowing club for dinner, overlooking the Sydney Harbour. Ewan also took his son Scott to the dinner, and he was very impressed meeting a Queen’s Park player.

Ewan has a very complicated family. Ewan is Scottish. His wife Debs is English but with an Irish father. His daughter Elle was born in Dublin and considers herself Irish even though she was brought up in England. His son is named Scot Alexander Ramsay but was born in Leicester and all of them have Australian citizenship. So, when Scotland play England at football or rugby, it’s Ewan and his son against his wife and daughter.

Ewan, Elle and Debs enjoying dinner at Darling Harbour

I can’t really answer that question except to say that from the first day I got a Queen’s Park strip and sat in Hampden to watch the team play, I was hooked. I moved away from Glasgow, aged 11 and left Scotland at 21. I’ve probably lived abroad nearly as long as I’ve lived in the UK, but it’s always been Queen’s Park for me. The Spiders have been the only football club I have supported. You could say it’s the history and the values the club stands for, but I just fell in love with the club at six years old and it’s been the one for me ever since.

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