Supporters’ Association – End of Season Awards


I’d like to thank everyone who has renewed their Association membership for this year.  Obviously, it is a challenging year and we’ve been relatively inactive for obvious reasons.  However, we will be presenting our player of the year awards this year in what has been a fairly momentous season.  Unfortunately, timescales are a bit tight; apologies for that.

The Ivy Riddell Player of the Year Trophy – we’re asking Supporters’ Association member to send their 1-2-3 by e-mail to Norrie Walker at   You have until Tuesday 27th April to vote.

The Martin Kelly Travel Club Player of the Year Trophy – for obvious reasons, we haven’t had a vote on our travels, but what we will be doing is totting up all the Twitter votes cast over the initial 18-match season, so that should give us a reasonable idea of the most consistent performer.

The Stewart Hendry Goal of the Season Award – we’ll be changing the format of this one slightly and awarding a trophy to the player who scores the winning goal and also the player who makes the goal, if he has been instrumental in the move.  That will allow you to pick a goal that isn’t simply a terrific finish, should we have one.  The list to pick from will be issued by the weekend and we will be promoting this on all the social media platforms.  The date for voting is again quite tight at Tuesday 27th April.  Martin Harvey is the man to send your votes to and he can be found at

The obvious difficulty in making the presentations in these days of social distancing is one that we will have to discuss with the Club.

Souvenir Shop 

Thanks once again to those manning and womanning the souvenir shop.  Sales are continuing to amaze us and the away kit design has simply gone viral, resulting in it being sent all over the world.  We’ve sold more away tops than our average home attendance and the number of home tops sold is creeping towards record levels too.

We have Admiral team polos and training t-shirts, and they’ve simply flown off the shelves, so there is another order in.  Please be patient.

Keith McAllister – contact details

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