Supporting Epilepsy Scotland’s Purple Day on 26th March

March is a very special month for Epilepsy Scotland and Queen’s Park is proud to show their support ahead of ‘Purple Day’ on March 26.

Purple Day’ was created in 2008 by Canadian Cassidy Megan who wanted to get people talking about the condition, and also to assure people with epilepsy that they were not alone. The colour purple was used because lavender is recognised as the international flower of epilepsy.

Queen’s Park First Team Coach Owen Coyle Junior has summed up the support from the club towards ‘Purple Day’ in the attached clip and when the Spiders play Arbroath on Friday, March 24 the players will re-enforce that backing ahead of kick-off.

Epilepsy Scotland is close to the hearts of a sizeable number of Queen’s Park supporters for varied reasons, and the club believe it is appropriate to highlight ‘Purple Day’ for these reasons, and also due to the close relationship between our own Supporters Association and our Supporters Team with Epilepsy Scotland.

This relationship, and associated fund-raising, has grown in memory of Martin Kelly who passed away almost a decade ago aged just 27.

Martin was a loyal supporter of the club as well as being the enthusiastic and knowledgeable voice of Queen’s Park in Match Highlight packages, and the goalkeeper for the Supporters Team where he earned the nickname of ‘Safehands’ for his displays.

Owen Coyle Junior said: “I am really pleased that we will be involved in supporting Epilepsy Scotland. We know that this support is important to our fans and are delighted to provide it.”

Please do all you can to support ‘Purple Day’ and Epilepsy Scotland 

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