The McGoldrick’s Pool & Sports Bar Challenge is Back – ‘Dynamite’ Dom takes on ‘Super’ Scott

Queen’s Park’s community tickets partner McGoldrick's Pool & Sports Bar were delighted to welcome ‘Dynamite’ Dom Thomas and ‘Super’ Scott Williamson to Rutherglen this week to showcase what the top venue for playing UK and American pool, as well as snooker and darts, has to offer.

Skipper Thomas and striker Williamson took part in a 9-dart challenge, a pool clear up and double challenge as well as a Spider snooker challenge in a similar manner to when Charlie Fox and Jake Davidson squared up to each other last year at McGoldrick’s.

Queen’s Park’s Head of Commercial Kieran Koszary was giving no hints to who comes out on top however he did say: “You will need to watch the video to see who wins the bragging rights between Dom and Scott. All I will say is that the players enjoyed themselves thoroughly doing the challenges at McGoldrick’s.

“It was great to have the players here as there is strong bond between McGoldrick’s and the club. Their support means that people on the southside of Glasgow, who may not have been at a Queen’s Park game before or for some time, can come along.

“So far McGoldrick’s have helped ensure that 11 groups and over 450 people have been at our games this season.”

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