Tickets for Schools – Report card to date

Almost 500 pupils, from eight schools across Glasgow, have already taken part in our ''Tickets for schools' initiative.

From the launch date on Saturday 24th October, 2022, our ‘Tickets for Schools’ initiative has gone from strength to strength.

Starting with Mount Florida Primary in October, Riverbank and Merrylee in November, Battlefield in December, Croftfoot in January, Notre Dame and St Fillian’s in February and finally King’s Park in March.

Almost 500 pupils, from schools across Glasgow, have attended the matches and have had free transport provided to get them to and from the match.

The school kids have all added vibrancy and noise to the match atmosphere. They certainly have been a welcome addition to the Matchday experience at Firhill.

Before coming to games, we sent a first team player to meet the pupils, take part in a Q&A and taken part in a football based activity with the pupils.

The feedback from pupils, teachers and parents has been tremendous. The kids loved having a professional football player visit their school and answer their questions. They also loved seeing ‘their’ player playing on the Saturday and coming over to them after the game.

And there is more to come.  Another 250 local kids from local schools will be attending our final 5 league games over the next few months

Head of Commercial, Kieran Koszary said: “It has been an absolute pleasure visiting the schools and meeting the kids over the last 6 months and has been the highlight of my short time at the club.”

The original aims of the initiative was to support our local community and grow the Queen’s Park Family. All the smiling faces we have seen, over the last 6 months, demonstrates this has been achieved.”

I would also like to say a special thank you to the kids for all the noise, energy and colour they have create on a match day, it has been fantastic to see and long may it continue.”

The club would also like to thank our partners from Mcdades Coaches, Big Bobble Hats and Pars Foods for their support.

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