Tony gets his Life Membership

Tony Ventre was presented with his Life Membership badge by Club President David Hunter at Saturday's SPFL Trust Trophy game against Montrose.

Tony’s been a fan since the mid 1960s and grew up literally five minutes from Hampden Park in Kinmount Avenue.

Tony was instrumental in re-establishing the Supporters’ Association in the early 1970s and, according the Keith McAllister, “was a fashion icon at the discos that we organised, wearing white suits and coloured shirts, when the rest of us were wearing the stuff our mums bought us“. He was a flying winger and played for the first supporters’ football team in the mid 1970s and could actually kick a ball properly, unlike about 90% of his team mates. 

Tony has been a QP supporter for over 50 years but he had to reduce his attendance at our games due to his duties as a referee. Since retiring from football officialdom he again became a regular attendee at our matches and the Committee were unanimous in agreeing to award him Life Membership of the Club due to increasing health issues.

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