Young Queen’s Park players in First Team by Design

Queen’s Park finished Friday night’s draw with Partick Thistle with five products of the Queen’s Park Academy on the pitch taking the number of home-grown youngsters involved this season in the First Team to ten.

The youngsters are all involved by design and not accident as Queen’s Park’s Director of Football Operations Marijn Beuker explained: “Lewis Reid started alongside Alex Bannon and then we had Lucas McCormick coming on before Zach Mauchin and Alex Fairlie made their debuts as substitutes. When you add in Callan McKenna, Cameron Bruce, Lennon Connolly, Ricky Waugh and Liam McLeish, who have also been involved this season, it is great to see so many players coming through.

“All these boys have been working really hard in our program, where they are spending hours and hours on understanding our way of playing and also getting physically ready for modern football.

“Most of it is new to them and it’s great to see how well they are picking this up. Of course, their coaches Charley King, Tam O’Ware, Paul Nuijten and Sam Malone are a very important source of support.”

Lewis Reid in action against Partick Thistle
Alex Bannon in action against Partick Thistle

Marijn continued: “The boys have been very dominant in Young QP games, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are knocking on the door of the Head Coach and challenging for gametime. It proves the concept that we have installed in the depth of the team is working.

“If you don’t have budget to buy the best players, you have to create them!

“Having said that, this is just a small milestone for them and their focus needs to be on getting better and adding more quality and impact in the first team. Ultimately teams get judged by continuous wins, and we all know we are getting close to that.”

Lucas McCormick in action against Partick Thistle

Head Coach Robin Veldman added: “I have always said since I came in that performing well in Young Queen’s Park will lead to opportunities in the First Team. You can see that happening now on a more regular basis and I am happy to be working with the developing talents we have at the club.”

Zach Mauchin in action against Partick Thistle
Alex Fairlie in action against Partick Thistle

Throwback to 2015

Here is an academy picture from the Hampden Climb in 2015.  Can you spot how many players have made it through to the first team?

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